LomoHome of the Day - omeuolharnaopara

Our LomoHome of the Day goes to omeuolharnaopara from Porto Alegre, Brazil! Congratulations!

CHVRCHES music videos are like a cross between watching beautifully directed 90’s city snapshots at night mixed with taking lots of drugs.

Nathan’s Music Highlights #1

Something For Kate - Captain (Million Miles An Hour)

This is the first song I ever heard by my favourite band of all time, when I was 6 years old in 1997. Saw it on Rage late one night and I got their first album, Elsewhere For 8 Minutes, not long after.


Scientist Trap Antimatter for a Record Breaking 16 Minutes!!

(gizmodo) - Scientists working on the Antihydrogen Laser Physics Apparatus (ALPHA) near Geneva, Switzerland did something no other scientists have done. They stored atoms of antihydrogen for 1000 seconds (~16 minutes) which is 10,000 times longer than they’ve ever done before. By trapping and observing antimatter for that long, scientists can better understand the properties of it.

Read the whole article HERE!!


NASA’s Black Marble is the most detailed night image of Earth ever made
Twinkling city lights, raging wildfires and colourful auroras are lit up in new dazzling nighttime views of the Earth.

The new “Black Marble” images released Wednesday are courtesy of a newly launched NASA-NOAA satellite that’s equipped with a sensor to observe the planet at night.

The full view consists of a series of images stitched together as an extremely high-resolution composite that gives us the most detailed night view of Earth ever created. (NASA)